Pre School


Please Note the afternoon Pre School group in Sunbury is to re starting in April this will give your little ones time to settle into their nursery or will be ready to start preparing for a Reception Class.  If you are interested in attending please give me a text and I will put you on the list, I have limited availability.


If you are looking for a course for an afternoon course for  pre school children from 3 years old (2 ½years old if advanced) then this group is for you.

If you have advanced children aged 2 ½ years old give me a call for a chat as they may be able to attend (over 3 years old is a guideline every child is different).

I have been doing my pre school groups on and off for over 8 years now engaging with all different children from very shy to very confident, this group is to help gain or maintain their confidence, your child maybe confident with you but how would they be in a class room environment without you and with children of their own age?

You do stay with your child but in the background so that they can come to me and join in but know you are not far away, eventually they will be happy to just come in and leave you which will get them ready for Nursery or Reception Class.

The children at this group are at a different age range and confidence level so I allow each child to progress at their own pace.  We will be doing anything from singing, dancing, microphone work, scarfs-ribbons, games, puzzle solving, group chats, sharing and having lots of fun.

One nice thing I am complemented on is how I interact with the children and help them all get the most out of the group and that I am very proud of.

Younger children are welcome to come but I will not be working with them and no running around.

Pricing for the groups are:

£36 for 6 weeks
£6 additional siblings/minded children (age appropriate)

These are term time groups but some of the groups are on in the school holidays please check your venue for details.

For reviews please check my Parents Say page for my lovely comments


Tuesday afternoon in SUNBURY

Sunbury Methodist Church, Staines Road East, Sunbury, TW16 5AD

Starting back Tuesday 25th February

1.30pm to 2.30pm 

Booking is required, please show your interest by texting me on 07901556351



If you have any questions call Tracy on 07901 556351 or email us