School Holidays


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Christmas Educational Events for Under 10’s Saturdays in Whitton

Christmas Events for Children 2- 10 year olds

Whitton – £5 per ticket, All ages young and old require a ticket due to hall restrictions on numbers. 

This is a ticket holder event only 


* I please asked you do not arrive one minute before we start I will ask that you arrive 5 minutes earlier and queue 2m apart.

*I will have your details for track and trace

* I will have antibacterial hand gel, wipes and spray available, if you need it at any point feel free to help yourself I will not be offended if you just want to double check anything, I understand every household has different reasons for this.  You might find it’s safer for you to bring your own hand sanitiser as mine will be used by lots of different people but it is up to you

* Please make sure you hand sanitise before entering the room

*I will be taking temperatures with the infrared thermometer and I will turn away any adult or child showing signs of a high temperature to protect my other members.  Unfortunately no refund will be given.  I know their is a change in the weather now so I no some will get little coughs and snotty noses but just make sure you bring tissues and fluids with you

* I am using CONES on the floor to show you the safety distanced between each parent/minder.   Please keep the cone visible so your child knows that is your safe space

*All my props are cleaned before each session, their will be No sharing of props at anytime

* You must all stay in your area at all times no wandering around we will be very busy with the activities

*Children do not have to wear mask but I ask that parents/minders wear yours on arrival and remove them once you are in your designated area (Mask to Mat)

* Please bring your own cold drinks, No food is allowed at the event

* At the group I will use a head mic so I don’t have to shout over music

* If I am in close proximity to a customer I will wear a visor not a mask as that hinders my breathing during jumping & dancing and I also feel facial expressions are important for the children during the songs

* Please note their are no refunds for cancellations or transfers at anytime even if we go into another lockdown (you are agreeing to this when making payment).  If the class cannot take place for any reason whatsoever or if a lockdown happens again the classes will be online and I will advise you of what props will be needed just things you will have at home

* No drop in spaces are available but you can call or text me the day before

*At the end of the session please leave promptly and safely as I have to get the room ready for my next group

* When booking the ticket all parents are accepting the disclaimer that I cannot be held accountable if a case of  Covid-19 breaks out due to my group 

* Only one free adult per booking, additional siblings/minded children and adults can be made on the same booking.  All my halls have a very strict rule on numbers.

Sorry for all the new rules and regulations but all of our safety is important and this needs to be understood before committing to the group.  If you are still with me please book your tickets now to save disappointment.

I appreciate your continued support and look forward to our new adventure.

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If you have any questions call Tracy on 07901 556351 or email us